Registration FAQs and Additional Resources

Are you currently registered as a resident, medical student, or physician assistant student and have questions?


Please email 


Have you been matched to a residency training program in Manitoba and have questions?  


Please email


Are you planning an elective in Manitoba and have questions? 


Please email inquiries to


Do you have an inquiry about registering as a Clinical Assistant or Physician Assistant?

Please email 


Any other registration inquiries can be emailed to 


Do you have questions about the Medical Identification Number for Canada (MINC)?

Learn more about MINC here


Do you have questions about individuals observing your patient care in clinical practice?  

Please review s. 3 on observers in the CPSM Standard of Practice Confidentiality and Privacy. 


Does your practice require a Medical Director?

See s. 2 - Non-Institutional Setting: Medical Director in the Standard of Practice – Practice Environment for the requirements for a medical director. 

Are you an inactive registrant, or would you like to enter an area of practice for which you have been inactive for more than three years?

Please review the Council Policy - Assessment Candidate Re-Entry to Practice Class and Practice Direction - Professional Practice and Inactivity for details. 

Do you want to learn about an alternate route to Full Registration?

Please review the Council Policy - Manitoba Practice Assessment Program (MPAP) for information.