Medical Corporations

Steps to Apply for A Medical Corporation - Effective November 1, 2022

As set out in The Regulated Health Professions Act, CPSM General Regulation 163/2018 and the Practice Directions of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM), an applicant for a Medical Corporation must be a regulated member who holds a certificate of practice for the current certificate year as issued by CPSM.

Application Steps:

  1. File a Request for Name Reservation with the Companies Office.
  2. Receive approved Name Reservation from the Companies Office.
  3. Submit approved Name Reservation to CPSM.
  4. Receive Consent to Incorporation from CPSM.
  5. Receive a link from CPSM to complete an online application for a Permit to Practise as a Professional Corporation.

See the following for more information:

CPSM Practice Direction - Medical Corporations and Clinic Names - section 4. Facility, Clinic, and Business Names, and

CPSM Practice Direction - Medical Corporations and Clinic Names - section 5. Consideration for Medical Practice Name Approval.

CPSM General Regulation - section 11.7 Names of corporations

Registration and Permit to Practise as a Medical Corporation

Provided the application is complete, including all required documents (copy of Articles of Incorporation or Continuance; current Certificate of Status issued by the Director at the Companies Office) and payment of all fees (registration fee $350; permit fee $200 effective 1 November 2022), you will receive a Permit to Practise Medicine as a Professional Corporation issued by the CPSM Registrar.

Changes to the Corporation

Notify CPSM of any changes in the particulars regarding the corporation within 15 days of any such change. Submit any changes to the following information: President, Directors, officers or Representative, corporation office address, corporation mailing address, voting and non-voting shareholders to Include a copy of the Articles of Amendment, if applicable. You will be contacted by the Medical Corporations Office if additional documents are required.

Permit Renewal

All permits expire on October 31. Corporations are sent a renewal notice by email in September to complete the renewal online.


  • For any advice regarding the indications for incorporation, consult with your lawyer and/or accountant. Advice of this nature cannot be given by CPSM.
  • For information regarding the CPSM requirements for incorporation, contact the CPSM Office at 774-4344 or