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Assistant Registrar (0.8 EFT) - Complaints & Investigations Department


CPSM seeks a medical practitioner (0.8 EFT) to lead the Complaints and Investigations Department (C/I). The Assistant Registrar for Complaints & Investigations provides oversight and leadership of the department's staff and the processes, ensuring CPSM fulfills our statutory mandate to protect the public interest.

The preferred candidate will maintain a clinical practice in combination with the role of Assistant Registrar.

The ideal candidate should possess formal leadership training, experience, and a proven track record of effectively managing complex changes. A passion for protecting the public and advancing patient safety with a focus on continuous quality improvement is essential.  

Knowledge and experience relating to formal and informal complaints resolution, Restorative Justice, mediation, a trauma-informed approach, and principles of procedural fairness are considered significant assets.    

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Closing date: February 23, 2024

Position Details: Winnipeg

Position Type: Permanent, 0.8 EFT


Medical Consultant (0.6 EFT) – Complaints & Investigations Department


Reporting to the Assistant Registrar, Complaints and Investigation, the Medical Consultant assists with addressing complaints about CPSM registrants. This includes investigating relevant issues and preparing reports for consideration by the Investigation Committee.

The position also assists with matters before the Complaints Committee or assists with facilitating informal resolution(s) where required.

CPSM particularly values the contribution of physicians who maintain a part-time clinical practice and have a broad range of medical knowledge and experience.

For more information about the complaints process, please see the Complaints Investigations Resolving Conflict & CPSMs Complaints & Investigations Process.

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Closing date: February 16, 2024

Position Details: Exclusively in-office in Winnipeg

Position Type: Permanent, 0.6 EFT