Central Standards Committee and its Subcommittees

s. 182(1) The Regulated Health Professions Act provides for the establishment of a Standards Committee which is responsible for supervision of the practice of medicine by members of the college.  This includes medical audit or peer review and multidisciplinary care audits which are considered primarily educational in nature.  To ensure confidentiality, proceedings of approved standards committees are protected under s. 9 of The Manitoba Evidence Act.  This provision makes the committee’s deliberations non-compellable in any court.  These audits are not disciplinary but are intended to assure that standards of medical practice are being enhanced and maintained.

Audits are conducted in hospitals through the standards committee in each hospital, an area standards committee*, through the Standards Committee of the College, or through a subcommittee thereof.  The latter includes reviews by the Maternal and Perinatal Health Standards Committee or Child Health Standards Committee.  The Standards Committee may also carry out a medical audit of a physician’s office practice and inspects and approves non-hospital medical/surgical facilities.

All hospitals or RHAs should have a process in place which addresses discipline and complaints.  This process is a part of Medical Staff Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations under those Bylaws.  This must be entirely separate from the standards review process.

* Area standards committees are rural regional standards committees which provide an educational peer review and standards process for all hospitals within a specified region.