Clinical and Physician Assistant Contracts of Supervision

Before beginning practice, Clinical Assistants (CIA) and Physician Assistants (PA) must enter a Contract of Supervision (CoS) with a Primary Supervisor, in addition to completing the usual requirements for registration.

The process for requesting a Contract of Supervision and Practice description has changed. This process is now done through the CPSM Portal.

Prior to submitting a request, it is imperative that you are aware of the role and responsibilities of engaging in practice with a Clinical or Physician Assistant.

It is recommended that you thoroughly review the following links: 


Additional Information 

View Contract of Supervision additional information: CPSM Reporting Obligations, Legal Requirements, Signatories, Breach & Termination of Contraction Supervision  Contract of Supervision Request Form – Institutional or Departmental Setting
View Contract of Supervision Frequently Asked Questions 

Contract of Supervision Request Form – Non-Institutional Setting (private clinics) 


To gain access to request a Contract of Supervision through the CPSM Portal, please submit your request to  

The practice of medicine by Clinical Assistants and Physician Assistants is governed by:
For reference, see Legislation, Acts & Regulations.