Message from the President

December 16, 2022 |
CPSM Council

One year ago, I was considered a low-risk physician by CPSM standards. Today, my practice is considered at increased risk.

One year ago, I was in a four-clinician rural practice, I worked in an institution, and I had students. Today, despite not moving from my practice, I am in a solo practice, I have no institutional affiliation, and I have no teaching opportunities.

Over the past year, our regional health authority closed down our rural emergency room and eventually our community hospital, resulting in the exodus of my physician colleagues.

Losing my institutional work has been bittersweet. I now look forward to my days at the (private/community) clinic where I can breathe: there is laughter, kindness, forgiveness, and where patients are always human beings first.

Evidence suggests that not being affiliated with an institution increases a family physician’s risk category as it relates to practice and patient safety. This is one of the metrics the Quality Department at CPSM uses in practice audits. My personal experience challenges the science.

As CPSM Council president, I am often challenged by you, my colleagues, about the decisions made by CPSM: in registration (we don’t do enough ), in complaints (we do too much ) and in Quality ( not enough for some of you and too much for others ). Your points are all valid.

I hope to reassure you that the Council is strong. Council is engaged. There is no groupthink, and senior staff is open to listening to Council. The individuals on Council are focused on what needs to be done to keep the patients in Manitoba safe while respecting the registrants and working within the constraints of the RHPA. The privilege of self-regulation comes with a high level of responsibility.

My wishes for you during the holiday season are: laughter with your patients and your friends, kindness to those without families, restful sleep, and cats.