Management of Myeloma Manifestations and Complications

August 25, 2022

Recommendations from the Canadian Myeloma Research Group

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematological cancer associated with significant symptomatic burden. Bone disease, renal insufficiency, cytopenia, infection, and peripheral neuropathy, among other disease manifestations and complications, impair patients’ quality of life.

The Canadian Myeloma Research Group Consensus Guideline Consortium proposes national consensus recommendations for managing MM-related manifestations and complications.

To address the needs of Canadian physicians and people living with MM across the country, the guidelines focus on improving and maintaining patient care by clarifying best-practice approaches for the prevention, detection, and management of disease manifestations and complications.

The Canadian Myeloma Research Group Consensus Guideline Consortium will periodically review the recommendations and update them as necessary.

Read the Consensus Guidelines on the Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders: Recommendations of the Myeloma Canada Research Network Consensus Guideline Consortium 

Read the 
Canadian Consensus Recommendations for the Management of Myeloma-Related Manifestations and Complications