We protect the public and promote the safe and ethical delivery of quality medical care by registrants in Manitoba.
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June 29, 2022 |
CPSM Council

Annual General Meeting Update

Highlights from CPSM's annual general meeting

June 24, 2022 |
CPSM Council

Message from the Dean

As I retire from my role as Dean and Vice-Provost at the University of Manitoba, I will take this opportunity, as I have done in my previous messages over the last 12 years, to share a few things on my mind

June 23, 2022 |
Standard of Practice

Accommodating Patients with Hearing Loss in Virtual Medicine

A message from the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA-MB) to physicians regarding virtual medicine

June 22, 2022 |
Standard of Practice

Consulting Obligations and Collaborative Care Survey

A reminder of the obligations for consulting registrants, plus a request to participate in a collaborative care survey

June 20, 2022 |
Truth and Reconciliation

Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21 is Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to celebrate and learn more about Indigenous Peoples, places, and experiences