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Managing Conflicts of Interest

Guidance for recognizing, avoiding, and disclosing conflicts of interest in patient care

Gender-Affirming Medical Care

Gender-affirming care aids patients in pursuing gender affirmation; see what simple steps physicians can take to help patients feel supported

Is Cellulitis part of the Differential Diagnosis?

Factors to consider in Skin, Soft Tissue, Bone and Joint Infection

September 18, 2023 |
Lessons Learned from Complaints

Importance of Endometrial Sampling to Detect Endometrial Cancer in Post-Menopausal Patients

A reminder on the importance of endometrial sampling as part of a complete workup to rule out endometrial cancer as a cause of post-menopausal bleeding

Dismissing a Patient

It is important for patients and physicians to understand what constitutes reasonable grounds for terminating the physician-patient relationship, and expectations following a patient dismissal; review the following on de-escalation and practice management

December 02, 2022 |
Lessons Learned from Complaints

Could it be Charcot Foot?

Information on diagnosing Charcot foot