Disclosure Requirements and Notice of Changes

Notifying CPSM of any updates and changes that may impact your practice is mandatory under the certificate of practice (license) requirements.

You are given the opportunity to report changes at renewal, but we recommend being proactive in advising CPSM of updates when they occur, such as:

  • Leave of Absences: you must inform CPSM of an extended period of absences from your practice, including a Leave of Absencehealth leave, or maternity or parental leave.
  • Leaving Your Practice: If you are leaving, moving or closing your medical practice, you must follow the specific steps outlined in the Standard of Practice - Practice Management.
  • Further training: If you have completed training or achieved a new certification, you are asked to inform CPSM so that your file is up to date. Doing so will save you time at renewal.

The Standard of Practice for Continuing Disclosure Requirements & Notice of Changes for Member Matters requires pertinent information to be declared within 15 days.

You must notify CPSM of the following key updates:

1.   Change in Practice Location and Contact Information: The Standard states you must notify CPSM of any change in your primary practice location, other practice locations, or your practice contact information. Notification should be provided before the change occurs (or no later than 15 days of the change at the latest)

Practice Information

Your practice address and practice phone number are located on your Physician Profile and are available to the public.


Your email is used to send you essential and timely communications. It will not be made available to the public. To ensure you receive important registrant communications, update your email address to an account that is frequently monitored.  

2.   Matters in Other Jurisdictions: If you are registered and possess a certificate of practice in another jurisdiction and are the subject of a review of conduct or competence arising from a complaint, an investigation, or have been found guilty of professional misconduct or a suspension, revocation of licensure, or registration, you must notify CPSM.

3.   Termination of Practice:  If you are terminated, you must notify CPSM no later than 15 days after the date of termination of practice. 

4.   Civil suits and criminal charges: You must notify CPSM if you 1) have entered a guilty plea to or received a conviction for a criminal offence or an offence under any narcotic or controlled substances legislation in any jurisdiction, OR 2) you have outstanding criminal charges of any offences including any narcotic or controlled substances legislation anywhere.

You must also notify CPSM of any civil suits related to the practice of medicine brought against you.

Keeping your profile updated can save you time at renewal and make communications with CPSM more efficient.


Submit your updates, changes, or disclosures to registration@cpsm.mb.ca