Dr. Marina Reinecke receives the 2021 CPD Educator of the Year Award

December 07, 2021 |

Dr. Marina Reinecke is the recipient of the 2021 CPD Educator of the Year Award!

This CPD Award from the Continuing Competency and Assessment office is granted to educators who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and commitment to lifelong learning. Dr. Christine Polimeni nominated Marina in recognition of her work on the OAT 101: Introduction to Clinical Practice Workshop

Dr. Marina Reinecke is this year's recipient of the CPD Educator of the Year Award

Marina has led and executed the Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) Workshop alongside her remarkable colleagues in the Scientific Planning Committee. She teaches passionately, mentors new speakers, promotes interprofessional collaboration, and ensures these two-day workshops are organized and effective.

The OAT Workshop is a comprehensive and accredited course that has reached many physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and allied health professionals since its inception in 2016. Over five years, we have seen the number of trained methadone and Suboxone prescribers grow exponentially, from 9 physicians in 2015, to 150 prescribers, including MDs and NPs, as of November 2021. In the context of the opioid crisis, this means more patients have access to efficacious and life-saving treatment.

Dr. Polimeni, Associate Dean in Continuing Competency and Assessment, had this to say about Marina’s nomination and award:

Each year the CCA office chooses an educator who has impacted CPD in our province. Such impact could be: an innovator in the field, creating high-impact CPD, or highlighting individuals who have dedicated many years to improving CPD in our province (be it speakers, the planning committee, or organizers). Dr. Reinecke, through the OAT program, has proven to be a dedicated CPD'er with her development of a highly impactful and innovative program.

Congratulations Dr. Reinecke!