Patient Care Expectations

December 21, 2023 |
News Standard of Practice

In today's climate, we are dealing with deeply politicized issues. We recognize the distress many registrants are experiencing and the potential impact of discussions occurring within the medical profession and in the public realm.

As medical practitioners, it is our role to respond to any human suffering with kindness, compassion, empathy, and professionalism. We believe our Registrants are capable of this response and anything less would be an affront to what our profession represents.

Physicians are bound by the ethical obligations of the CMA Code of Ethics and Professionalism. The commitment to respect for persons in the code states,

“Always treat the patient with dignity and respect the equal and intrinsic worth of all persons.”

Diversity within the Manitoba’s medical profession has always been a tremendous strength. Our history of working together and learning from each other has helped enrich patient care.

CPSM’s expectation is that any personal views do not negatively impact the care you provide. The highest standard of care demands a commitment to antiracist and unbiased care for all patients, regardless of background or beliefs.

CPSM is responsible for regulating the conduct of its Registrants and addressing any violation of its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and Professionalism. 

You are reminded of the following:

  • Social media plays an important role in communication, advocacy, and education between registrants, patients, and the public. Physicians hold the privilege of having a respected place in society. While using social media, professional conduct and communication are important to avoid harm to the public, not adversely impact patient care, preserve the reputation of the profession, and foster a culture of respect.

View the Standard of Practice – Social Media (see Sec 5. Advocacy