Statement from the Registrar on Dr. Arcel Bissonnette's Cancellation of Registration

January 17, 2024 |

On January 17, 2024, CPSM Executive Committee of Council held a hearing for the cancellation of Dr. Arcel Bissonnette’s Certificate of Practice (licence). The Registrar requested the hearing as a result of Dr. Bissonnette being convicted in the Manitoba Court of King’s Bench of sexually assaulting five women who were his patients. The convictions relate to offences that occurred between August 2001 and April 2017.


Given that the convictions are relevant to Dr. Bissonnette’s suitability to practise, the Executive Committee has cancelled Dr. Bissonnette’s Certificate of Practice and CPSM registration, effective immediately. Reasons for the decision to cancel will follow.

View the decision here.


CPSM has been closely following Dr. Bissonnette’s criminal proceedings since criminal charges of sexual assault were laid in November 2020. His bail conditions restricted him from practicing. At that time, CPSM took its own measures to prevent harm to the public and he has not practised medicine since.

Statement from the Registrar

On behalf of the medical profession, I acknowledge the bravery of the women, who, while enduring trauma and harm inflicted on them, came forward and testified in the trial to hold Dr. Bissonnette responsible for his actions. Dr. Bissonnette's actions are disgraceful and dishonourable and revoking his licence is unquestionably necessary to protect the public.

Sexual assault is unacceptable in any environment but is particularly disturbing when it is committed by medical professionals who are highly trusted by their patients.

Abusing this position of power to exploit patients physically, sexually, or otherwise goes against the Code of Ethics and Professionalism and undermines practitioners who consistently deliver safe and ethical care.  

CPSM will continue to hold accountable registrants involved in sexual misconduct. Public trust in CPSM’s process to regulate the medical profession is paramount.