Templates for the Maintenance of Patient Records

May 30, 2022 |
Standard of Practice

CPSM has developed templates to help better equip registrants in complying with the requirements of the Standard of Practice for the Maintenance of Patient Records in All Settings that came into effect in February 2022.


These templates were developed to assist registrants in updating or establishing essential policies and procedures to maintain patient records and the personal health information they contain. Such policies and procedures are not only required under CPSM's Standard of Practice but also by The Personal Health Information Act ("PHIA"). 


Templates are also available for Maintenance Agreements required for registrants who practice in certain types of practice settings in which multiple health care professionals potentially have access to records or for registrants who wish to transfer maintenance responsibilities for the patient records they create to another appropriate trustee. CPSM registrants are expected to review the Standard of Practice to determine if a Maintenance Agreement is required in their specific practice setting.    



Before use, registrants are expected to modify the template to suit their specific practice setting and ensure compliance with relevant legislation and the Standard of Practice for the Maintenance of Patient Records in All Settings. It is important that any modifications made do not result in a document that does not meet the requirements of the Standard of Practice or applicable legislation, such as The Personal Health Information Act. Registrants should seek independent legal advice in this regard.

Over time, CPSM will consider adding additional templates based on feedback from physicians in practice. An FAQ will be published as common inquiries are identified.



CPSM recognizes the administrative burden associated with maintaining patient records. These templates are made available in an effort to help lessen that burden. The Manitoba Government provides significant guidance regarding protecting personal health information here. Support may also be sought from Doctors Manitoba.


Securing Personal Health Information Policy 

Maintenance Agreement - Non-Institutional Practice Settings

Maintenance Agreement - Transfer to Another Registrant
Maintenance Agreement - Transfer to Medical Clinic
Retention and Destruction Policy - This policy template is based on requirements as of May 1, 2022.