What You Need to Know Before Recruiting or Offering Employment to a New Physician at Your Practice

Before recruiting a new Canadian or International graduate, you must consider the following first:

  • Does the physician meet the requirements for Full (Practising) Class Registration?
  • Have they passed all required examinations:
    • LMCC and CCFP (for family practice)
    • LMCC and Royal College Certification (for specialty practice)


If the physician you are recruiting does not meet the requirements for full registration, they may be eligible for provisional registration. One of the requirements for a physician to obtain provisional registration is to have a practice supervisor approved by the Registrar.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Practice Supervisor:

   Review the provisionally registered physician’s practice at regular intervals

      Is the physician practising safely?

      Does the physician meet the expected clinical standards of care?

   Maintain appropriate boundaries

   Must be an unbiased reporter of observations

   Must provide written reports

   Must relay information to CPSM should the requirement for additional monitoring be identified

   Must provide feedback to the provisional registrant which could help identify physician enhancement opportunities and/or assist in learning about community resources to help meet patient needs

   The supervisor should have a similar scope of practice

Practice Supervisor Workshop

One of the requirements to be approved to act as a practice supervisor is attendance at a Practice Supervisor Workshop. The workshop is delivered virtually with pre-reading expected a few days prior.

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